It’s So Simple–Love God With All of Yourself

Oct 30, 2017

It’s so complicated to follow all of Jesus’ teachings, to keep them all in mind, from the Sermon on the Mount to the parables and other sayings, but I am convinced that if we are obedient to His First Great Commandment and to the first four of the Ten Commandments, we cannot do anything that […]

Pondering God

Dec 07, 2015

Life itself is such a miracle! And having a life here, being a part of this great planet is such a privilege! The beauty, the interconnec-tedness of all species, the incredible variety of plants and animals, rocks and minerals! What a gift life is! And what a God who created it all! Can you even […]

Trust in God

Jan 19, 2015

It’s like picking the low-hanging fruit or the river finding the easiest route to the sea; that’s how natural our search for God can be. We don’t have to make it hard or complicated. We just have to listen, wait, watch for the way to open before us. And we walk down that path. God […]

Connect The Dots

Dec 02, 2013

We have to connect the dots in order to see the gifts of this life and to continue growing in faith through our lives. We have to see the lines between God and love and me and you and every other creature and created thing. We need to see that what Jesus said is true […]

Your Story/My Story

Sep 23, 2013

What is your story, the one you cling to in spite of all evidence to the contrary, the one that justifies your life as you live it and keeps you in the same old place? Each of us grows into a story that we develop in our childhoods that can stay operative in us sometimes […]

The Mind of God

Oct 03, 2011

Think of a cosmic switchboard or a universal WiFi connection. Is this what the mind of God is like? I believe that all of creation is contained somehow in the mind of God. And within that mind travels all the information about our needs and desires and struggles and pain and created selves. God knows […]

Soul Work

Jul 04, 2011

I am sitting on the back porch this morning listening to the “clicks” of the cicadas’ song rising and falling in a sort of communal slow rhythm and to my neighbor’s water-feature gurgling. I could breathe to the cicada’s rhythm, meditate to its rising and falling just like my breath, now the volume grows, now […]


May 10, 2011

In the 23rd Psalm the word “surely” rings out with confidence and love and expectation and God and me in life together! It is reassuring and definite and without qualifiers. It implies love and providence, needs and challenges met, and no doubt. Look at these synonyms for surely: Absolutely Beyond Doubt Definitely Inevitably Inexorably Infallibly […]

Celebrating Life

Nov 15, 2010

It’s a subtle environment for the most part in the Savannah River Preserve. Oh, it has some obvious residents in the water fowl and the alligators that navigate the waters of the small lakes and the vultures that circle overhead. But, as a friend and I last week walked the levees that separate the lake […]

Exodus Is Our Story, Too.

Oct 25, 2010

The Old Testament can be read as a history of the Jewish people and as a great description of human behavior on a metaphoric level. Take the Exodus story. Metaphorically, Egypt represents any place, culture or thought process that holds us captive and doesn’t allow us the freedom to let in new kinds of thinking […]