Feb 10, 2014

“Imaginary friend in the sky. Delusional. Sad,” commented one of my Facebook readers recently on a day I was writing about surrendering to God. What he wrote caused me to think about how I would describe God. The picture of God he painted is the one I had as a child: an angry God, a […]

This I know for sure!

Oct 10, 2011

This I know for sure about the rule/reign/kingdom of God: we are in it, under it—always. God is working in our lives—always. We are connected to God—always. Through God we are connected to all people and all life—always. God loves us—always. God forgives us–always. God welcomes us back—always. And we have little awareness of these […]

The Mind of God

Oct 03, 2011

Think of a cosmic switchboard or a universal WiFi connection. Is this what the mind of God is like? I believe that all of creation is contained somehow in the mind of God. And within that mind travels all the information about our needs and desires and struggles and pain and created selves. God knows […]


Sep 19, 2011

In… Out… In… Out… This time a deeper breath. In….. Out….. Deeper still. In: taking in the whole of the God’s Spirit—love, compassion, forgiveness, connectedness, grace, blessings. Out: giving back to the world—people, creatures, the created world—what you have taken in. Breathing in God’s Spirit, breathing out what we have been given. Breathe deeply into […]

Acedia–not for me!

Jun 27, 2011

I finished the book with a ringing and surprising affirmation: “I am not like that!! I don’t wrestle with acedia or depression. That has never been who I am.” I had just put down Acedia & me by Kathleen Norris, a writer whom I really admire, struck by the differences between us, both women on […]

Exodus is our story, too. #2

Jun 06, 2011

The Exodus story is so rich with symbolism for us that I am thinking about it again this week. As with the Hebrews God is calling us out of our stuck places so that we can follow him more freely and willingly. Pharoah and Egypt represent hardness of heart, imprisonment of body and mind, the […]

Toward a Practical Spirituality

Oct 11, 2010

Spirituality can be like going down a fairly straight ladder with your back to the rungs, or like facing the rungs and holding on as you descend. Spirituality, being led by the Spirit of God, and religion, a set of beliefs, rituals and a community drawn together by its commonality, form a continuum that depicts […]

Wired AND Disconnected

Oct 04, 2010

Now in the second decade of the 21st Century we couldn’t be more connected to other people than we are today with our instant messaging, cell phones, Skype, WiFi network connections, computers, pda’s and more, but we’ve rarely been so cloistered in our own little existence. We have a more intimate connection to these props […]


Aug 02, 2010

Just when I think I’ve seen every different cardinal possible another appears. This one is probably a female, but her coloring is mostly grey, not the variations on a brown theme that I am used to seeing. Grey head, grey body with a fair dusting of red along the lower wings and tail feathers. She […]

End of Life Issues

Jul 27, 2010

As my friend’s condition deteriorates, I am more and more at a loss for what to do or say when I am with her. She is now wheel-chair bound and unable to speak except to repeat an occasional word that someone else has just uttered. At the age of 68 she has a frontal lobe […]